The Story So Far

So the story so far goes like this:

There was an angel who loved the world so much his mission was to help everyone in it.

His ability to understand not only the world but its thought process was remarkable. No one surpassed him.

He gained fame and respect. He was a leader, a seeker, a provider.

But the sad truth was that possessing such incredible wisdom left him lonely at times. There was simply no other who could match up to his capabilities.

In time, his supremacy surpassed that of his purpose.

Projected love out to the external, like an invisible mirror, began reflecting inwards.

Discontentment sets in.

As the lush green of every oak tree started swaying into a blend of an orange symphony – breathtaking at its peak, leaving an ache when it was time to end;

one wonders of this angel’s end.

So the story so far goes like this.


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