5 Reasons Why School Is Important Your Teacher Never Tells You About

1. You learn algebra so that when your father dies, you will learn to substitute his X amount of love into a number of men you sometimes ask Y

2. When you were 15 during Physics class, you learn that energy cannot be created or destroyed. And when you are 25 and find yourself on the edge of goodbye – I hope you remember that you are a ball of energy. That sometimes strength seems to disappear but really, it can never be destroyed. I hope you remember to stay alive.

3. Your friends will tell you that art class is a waste of time. How it will never feed your family, or bring you power and status, at least not in this country. But still make art. Because art cannot be taught, it is cultivated. And what cannot be learnt, will never be unlearnt.

4. The next time someone breaks your heart, recall the day your history teacher told you about Singapore’s independence. How sometimes you think you need to rely on someone, but all along, separation was for the better. I hope you remember that wars are built on blood and tears, and in the end, learning to give in and let go is part of the healing process.

5. Your English teacher will give you hell. And you will hate every lesson. Till you are 30 and you meet this girl. You will raze every dictionary trying to find a word to describe her. But all she does is leave you breathless, panting for more.

It is then you will realise how important every lesson in school was. Even if sometimes they do not tell you now, in time all will reveal itself.


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