His Hands Were Like Citylights


When you fall in love, all the details fall away. A new perception is then recreated that encloses your feelings caught in moments.

This is what people meant when they say “love is blind”. Not the actual blindness of eye – as love is not based on physical features but consists of many reasons that stem from the root of one’s heart.

It is also of this reason that love, actual raw love, can weather the odds and stand the test of time. It does not simply fade away.

Like memory, details blend and merge into fuzzy headlines yet the aftertaste lingers. Your mind forget reasons, but you never forget the feelings of that moment. Love burns and is forever imprinted in your heart.

In time, you forget the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. But the moment overshadows your heart like a cloudy sky over a field of meadows – providing shade and respite from the heat.


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