Elements of a Connected Community


Often times in group settings, there will be brief periods when the energy runs low and the mind turns silent.

It is during such moments when I notice how people start turning to their mobile devices, distracting themselves with other friends or social networking sites in order to fill up the empty space of time.

Sometimes I think people forget the importance of shared silence. That silence is itself a form of communication and we speak so much more during such quiet moments.

There is an awakening of understanding as the silence allows us to listen more closely with compassion. A connection is formed without the need for words. An affinity is born.

When you are acutely aware of the present moment and do not attempt to divert your attention and instead, choose to embrace every single second of it all – both the quiet and the loud; you can truly understand and appreciate the presence of the people in your life.

Mindful awareness – as most call it – is when you awaken your senses and tune into the present moment. You are connected with yourself and is thus able to connect with the other.

Through being mindfully aware of the present and building connections with others through collective energy, we are able to openly share, listen and communicate our thoughts with loved ones.

When you can sit together in silence and savour each second as it trickles by, you water the seeds of deep understanding and the commitment to everlasting friendship.


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