Time in Relativity


December is my favourite month. I ride on the tail of ecstatic and end the month with a wonder of amazement.

Looking back, 2015 has been spellbound. I had a hunch it would be a year of unexpected opportunities and the year did indeed live up to my expectations.

It almost feels like a spontaneous trip I’d stumbled onto without knowing. And the only tools I’d been given was a compass and a frayed map that made no sense.

I did indeed spend a large portion of the year searching out in vain for something which I was not sure I should be looking for. Like a kid afraid of losing out, I’d grab out on any oncoming opportunities with such reckless eagerness it looks utterly ridiculous now.

But of course, the choices you make in life, be it good or bad, acts as a learning curve and I have indeed discovered aspects of my personality I’d never noticed before.

We must not forget that our strengths do not represent our superiority over another and vice versa, our weaknesses do no amount us of being any lesser than our counterparts.

Last year I discovered that loving someone should come without the expectation of having them love you back the same way. And carving this new knowledge on the back of my palms, compassion and understanding toward others come much easily.

With that, 2015 has allowed me to forgive many people and most importantly, forgive myself for the sins and crimes I’d committed in the past.

Time is relative and we all run parallel in a straight line. Yet many of us ricochet back and forth in a space dimension conceived out of regretful memories.

I know that 2016 is going to be another year of hardship. Which is not unexpected since I have much to give. As they say, with great power comes great responsibilities. And I look forward in leaving pieces of myself in everyone I meet.

As I hold on to the frayed piece of map without any understanding of how to work the compass against it, what I have learnt is this:

Many a times this is how life works. You get thrown into a situation you are not comfortable with and lack the items/skills necessary to carry out what is required.

And you can get upset over it all. Throw a tantrum, kick a tree trunk, cry your eyes out, and go to sleep. But you know what? It doesn’t change anything. You’re still going to wake up with the exact same issues you had before bed.

But you also have this – a choice to make the most of what you have because let’s face it; we are a lot tougher and smarter than we look and we can find a way out of this mess.

I still believe that everything happens for a reason. And how miracles are born every morning your eyes open to the sunlight.

So here’s to letting go of things unnecessary in our lives to create spaces for the real things.

Merry Christmas, and to a great year ahead.


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