Be The Change You Want To See

The greatest joy is in the present moment – these words hit me as my eyes flickered open to the morning light. Such moments are so precious. You wake up conscious and aware of your every breath. Nothing is perfect but it does not matter. All that you require is in your life at this moment.

Change has been a painful process, and it still is. Everyone struggles but not everyone sees the beauty in it. I have been silent these days because everyone around me is struggling with their inner demons. They don on happy faces and mask their true self behind cheapened smiles.

Looking at them, sometimes I marvel at their strength. It takes great courage and selflessness to put yourself aside for the benefit of others. Other days, I just want to shake them so hard that it all falls apart so we can stop pretending to laugh and be happy when all we want to do is scream and shout.

In the movie Inception, Christopher Nolan ends with a cliffhanger. He leaves the ending up to the whims of the viewer. Did Leonardo DiCaprio choose to live in a dream or reality? You analyse and conclude based on your own knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, it all boils down to one moral – we are the sum of our choices we have made.

I know who I am, my strengths, flaws, my passion, preferences, my beauty, and my convictions. Yet each morning I wake up with a heightened sense that a paradigm shift has occurred within me while the body lay rested deep in sleep. There are no visible improvements yet I am far from the person whom I was yesterday.

It is akin to feeling lonely and insignificant in this vast, wide world; and then one day as you look down on the city with an eagle’s eye view, you realise that you exist at this moment and there will be no one just like you to experience the moment, as you. There are no visible improvements but you step away with an awakened sense of enlightenment.

Change is a painful process because I have so much to learn from and grow, and share and contribute back to the world and society. At times, the world can be a terrible place to live in but there is beauty in the ugly. Call me a dreamer, but I believe the world can be a better place for us to coexist. Embark on a movement, start a chain reaction. Dare to be the change you want to see.

The greatest joy is in the present moment. It is a striking balance of both future and past. You exist in my time, and in my life. That is indeed my greatest joy and gift I have ever received.


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