15 Life Lessons I Learned in 2016

2016 has been an amazing year – amazingly challenging year that is. That’s not to say that the year has been bad. The innumerable times I found myself caught in sticky situations and having to sit in discomfort; ugh, it was a torture.

Yet, choosing to face dire moments with courage instead of running away in fear has helped developed my personality and made me stronger than who I was at the start. 2016 has blessed me with much wisdom and experiences and these are the 15 that draw close to heart:

  1. Slap on some sunscreen before leaving the house. Your future self will thank you for it.
  2. Exercise and hydrate regularly.
  3. Laugh at your mistakes.
  4. Be kind to strangers. More importantly, be kind to yourself.
  5. Travel with an open mind. Step on foreign soil with respect for its people and their culture.
  6. Save money for rainy days. But don’t be a miser. Splurge generously on friends and loved ones, especially those who have supported you in times of need.
  7. Donate to the less fortunate at least once a year. If you’re financially tight, volunteer your services. Any form of assistance is always appreciated.
  8. Be compassionate to all, even those who are rude and unkind to you. For most of the time they are the ones who need it the most.
  9. Take time out to love and nurture yourself. Be comfortable in your own skin. Relish in the beauty of your imperfections.
  10. Don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams. Don’t let them tell you you’re not capable, or you’re better off doing something else.
  11. Commit to your creative process even if it discomforts you.
  12. Create more than you consume.
  13. The value of your craft lies not in the end product but in the process.
  14. Be authentic, stay true to who you are. There’s no one like you with your experiences and your thoughts. Be confident and walk boldly towards your intended direction.
  15. Everything happens for a reason, everything in its time.

Seasons greeting and happy holidays. May you 2016 end with a magical twist. xx


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