A Collection of Speeches: Aesthetics

Tried to imagine how I’d look if I had plastic surgery done – big round eyes, sharp nose bridge, luscious brows, petite lips. Are we only deemed a beauty when we look a certain way or when we behave in a certain manner?

Definitely not. I feel most comfortable in my own skin and refuse to conform to society’s standards. And that I feel is what’s most beautiful: receptive to the differences of others while accepting one’s own differences.

Beauty is a silent nod of understanding. A dawning comprehension that there is no need to compare yourself with someone else because right from the start, we are all different albeit unique individuals.

That’s not to say that I oppose or agree on plastic surgery. Everyone is entitled to make their choice and that’s what I’m driving at – plastic surgery or not, gay or straight, white skin or dark skin; no one is any less of a human just because they make different choices from the norm.

Don’t box up and place labels. Stay open and connected. That’s my kind of aesthetic.


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