Never For Money, Always For Love


It is enthralling to observe the shift in my psyche. They call it growth, but I call it breaking barriers. I never want to spend my days towering tall above others. I want to spread my arms far and wide. To hold the entire world in the palm of my hands and quiver at the majesty of it all.

Perhaps I am older and more set in my ways. I feel sorry for the people I have left behind yet I vibrate with an excitement for all that is to come. In the end, the small stuff don’t matter. Love, to me at least, is the core of the human existence. I look at people and I see this sparkle of light that shines right off their skin. People look so beautiful and I wish I could hold everyone and remind them of their worth.

After all this time, I still choose to believe in the good of others. If we are the sum of our choices then perhaps I am the after light; for only in darkness can light be revealed.


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