So here I am once again, attempting to type my way around my emotions. Most times, I am aggrieved that I fall back into the same pattern of letting my emotions get the better of me. The mind wages war with the impractical heart. Such ferocious intensity would see some of us cowering back in… Continue reading Opacity


Dad Quotes 101

Back in my time if something broke, we found ways to fix it. Now, people simply throw the good stuff for something better. They use money to buy something new because nothing is irreplaceable. People forget to appreciate and it's all just a vicious cycle. - my dad on relationships, 2014

To My Sister On Her Wedding Day – Part 2 of 4

Growing up, I found it hard to comprehend the need for tradition. What is the point of holding on to customary beliefs when our thoughts and actions are so modernised? It was during the course of prepping for my sissy's wedding that I came to connect the dots. Traditions are like the threads that connect… Continue reading To My Sister On Her Wedding Day – Part 2 of 4