And I sit her, and I wonder why do I bother living at all. There my friend lay with her eyes closed and I feel surreal. As if at any moment she might open her eyes and roll them at me like she always does but she doesn't. And so I walk away from the… Continue reading Bipolar


Make Love, Make Art

I know that there is still a couple more months to go before the end of 2015 but this year has been a collective moments of grand spectacular and despondency. I am thankful that I did not choose to die for the pain has brought with it a new territorial taste of ecstasy. The revival… Continue reading Make Love, Make Art

write about the day your friend died:

there are sunken cities off the pacific ocean. places we never heard off, people we will never come to know. an entire island, swallowed into depths of darkness; stuck in time forever like a broken clock with only one face for the world. if she were an island, she would have been atlantis. her life… Continue reading write about the day your friend died: