Never For Money, Always For Love


It is enthralling to observe the shift in my psyche. They call it growth, but I call it breaking barriers. I never want to spend my days towering tall above others. I want to spread my arms far and wide. To hold the entire world in the palm of my hands and quiver at the majesty of it all.

Perhaps I am older and more set in my ways. I feel sorry for the people I have left behind yet I vibrate with an excitement for all that is to come. In the end, the small stuff don’t matter. Love, to me at least, is the core of the human existence. I look at people and I see this sparkle of light that shines right off their skin. People look so beautiful and I wish I could hold everyone and remind them of their worth.

After all this time, I still choose to believe in the good of others. If we are the sum of our choices then perhaps I am the after light; for only in darkness can light be revealed.

Black Coffee & Tangled Sheets

I feel less writer’s block and more a walking mess of disorganised ideas. There is a definite flow of words and ideas coursing through my veins. It merges and blends with all that I see and experience. Yet when I lay in bed with my journal page spread open, there is no synergy between the mind, heart and soul. Meaningful thoughts are lost midway, like a tourist speaking in a foreign language – most of it simply gets lost in translation.

It is a strange feeling to feel ‘plugged’. You want to create and produce and you know you are more than capable but it feels like you’ve lost your magic and a bit of your spunk. You look inside and there exists an endless spiral of musical notes. You look into the mirror and all you see is the face of an untuned piano. Till this day, I still marvel at how different one can view a person in a sense that what you see outside is never truly what is revealed on the inside.

Life right now is like a series of staccatos. Transitions after transitions, the image on my viewfinder flickers and is constantly on a move. Race too fast and I find myself ahead of the notes; slow down to smell the flowers and I fall behind the music. It takes a hard amount of effort to stay disciplined and keep to the tempo. Still, in those moments where I harmonise with the melody, no matter how short, the chords ring a true blessing. Such instances fuel my motivation to be better than who I am.

When it comes to your career, “No” is just someone’s opinion, nothing more. No one can advocate for you or make it happen like you can. You have to be your own best cheerleader. – Elle Kaplan

I talk a lot about how it’s not the outcome but the progress that matters. As often, it is easier said than done. I know my desire, my ultimate end goal. I understand the steps it takes to get there is not easy and designed to keep me from reaching it. I speak of sacrifices, of a fork in one’s life where we are faced with a crucial decision on which turn to take. I understand, I truly do. But it ain’t easy.

Some days you wake up and light gets into your eyes. You are curious and creative. You see the world with an intense possibility. You march to the beat of your own drum. It doesn’t matter if there exists no such rhythm in this world; your music will spur the crowd on behind your tail. And then there are days where the shutters are down and light can’t get it. You watch the world tick by with a painful awareness of how most people simply get by in monotonous motion. You watch them and see your future self. You are scared of who you might become. Or worse, who you will never become.

On such days, the best is to simply exist. And maybe start typing even if words seem stuck because look at what I’ve just created – 500 words in 60 minutes. And all I wanted to bring across is how much light you have brought into my world.

Art & Life

Titled An Atlas of Mirrors, Singapore Biennale 2016 explores the histories and current realities within and beyond the Southeast Asia region. My steps took me around exhibitions of a distinct medium; from photography, paintings, maps, clay figurines, post-it notes, videos, porcelain, and even mirrors.

From where we are, how do we picture the world – and ourselves. This year’s theme ignited my sense of wonderment and curiosity. Through artistic perspective and visionary thoughts, the contemporary artworks echoed diverse cultures and redefined boundaries of the ever elusive: self.

Museums are quiet places yet endless conversations take place within these confined walls.

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life. – Oscar Wilde

The Greeks believed that Art merely imitates life. That we spend our entire lives trying to attain perfect ideals, like Beauty and Justice. Therefore, art is a reflection of our imperfect efforts, a second-hand representation of our attempts to capture the essence of life. However, others claim that what is presented in art is striven for in life: that Art enriches and ennobles us.

For that, I go along with the latter. Look around at our culture and our generation. We use art, philosophy, science, etc to construct a frame to which we interpret the world.

Art is an honest reflection of our “selves”.